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Mobin Tejarat Roham

Mobin Tejarat Roham

The Mobin Tejarat Roham (MTR) Company has been able to play a major role in the economic situation of the people using its international communications and imports in the field of mobile phones and other essential consumer goods during the Covid. But this issue was not the only field of activity of the company’s trade, and in order to improve the deterioration of Covid in the society, we decided to take part in alleviating the burden of the people of our land with imports of mask production machines.


Coping With Communication Constraints

Despite the reduction of international communication and reducing the possibility of in-person tracking due to the prevalence of Covid, MTR Company has always been trying to form the supply chain correctly and with full accuracy.

International Communications

Importing goods or industrial machinery requires external communication in the desired countries and frequent pursuit of professionals. MTR Company always employs the best international experts in order to contribute to our country’s economic growth.

Analyzing the Most Basic Needs of the Society

Analyzing the main needs of the society and its imports or production in any situation has been among the most important factors for maintaining economic stability. Therefore, we are proud to be able to achieve this with experienced professionals.

Analyze the market closely

We have always tried to improve the level of the country’s economy by closely monitoring international markets and importing at reasonable prices.

Imported Goods

The focus of MTR Company has always been the supply of the essential needs of the society.

Importing Mobile and industrial machinery

Today’s global trade has allowed countries to quickly provide their required goods. The problems of this trend of today are intensified due to hard economic conditions and epidemic of Covid. Nonetheless, the MTR Company decided to transform threats to an opportunity to make mobile imports—to facilitate the virtual and distant education—and industrial machinery—especially in the field of mask production—to be part of the promotion the scientific and health level of the society.

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