Mobin Tejarat Roham

Mobin Tejarat Roham has always strived to be the most accurate and best in importing. Relying on high experience, internal and external relations, as well as with full accuracy and supervision of its activities, this group has been able to take a big step in removing the country’s economic barriers.

Full Monitoring

Mobin Tejarat Roham Company experts will carry out all necessary technical examinations and tests on goods inside and outside the country and will have complete monitoring of obtaining license and import path.

Foreign Relations

Mobin Tejarat Roham with its many years of experience, can easily connect with companies around the world and carry out the importing process. It should be noted that in this regard, familiarity with the administrative culture of different countries is of great importance and this group has sufficient experience in this regard.


Experience is one of the basic requirements for improving the quality of companies and organizations. Caspian Group has always used its experience and experienced specialists to increase speed and prevent problems in the import process.
Mobin Tejarat Roham Company started its activities for the first time in 2014 as an importing company, with the aim of giving all Iranians access to high-quality goods.
The company’s activity in the early years was in the field of industrial machinery imports and over time more products (such as mobile phone) have been included in the group’s imported products.
The main activity of the Company is the import of industrial machinery and mobile phone and other essential or strategic goods that are ordered by companies or by considering their views.
As in the previous years, we are trying to import mid-range mobile phone to the country and provide the suppliers and purchasers with them.
Mobin Tejarat Roham

The active commercial companies of Mobin Tejarat Roham are able to put high-quality goods available in the lowest time, and act like a connecting bridge between the manufacturer and the consumer. Commercial companies in this group, reviewing the health and well-being of goods and importing it to the country, make all individuals in different economic conditions able to easily access their desired goods with the most suitable price.

Our Mission

Mobin Tejarat Roham promotes the economic conditions of every individual in the society through importing and supplying the best and highest quality foods and other goods, as well as an easy and faster access to Iranian buyers and consumers, and, with its specialist and professional team, is trying to expand exchanges and communication with other countries in addition to improving the quality of commodities in the market. This group, with its principled planning, has been able to identify and implement the best ambient for purchasing and selling the best-quality commodities at a reasonable price.


We are proudly announcing that we have been able to alleviate a huge burden in the supply of products by public institutions and put their imported products at reasonable prices and quality. This issue has come true in a condition that not only our country, but all countries are trying to solve the problem of Covid, and international communication and transportation are very limited. Despite such economic conditions, this group has been able to eventually improve importing.